About Reckless Beauty

Reckless Beauty had a purpose before it had a name, as a little girl hot curling my Barbie's hair while my mom was taking a nap was just one of many days in my room playing beauty shop.  Anyone who has known me can tell you that hair has always been a life long passenger in my life.

Reckless Beauty is a salon that specializes in all hair types with a concentration in healthy hair care. The concept of "going back to the basics" is what makes a beautiful head of hair achievable for all hair types. In the salon its a lifestyle that has been engraved in every woman to walk out feeling like a Reckless Beauty!

"Great Hair Is The Best Revenge!"


Reckless Beauty®

12835 Preston Rd Ste.#312 Room 26

Dallas, TX, 75230





Friday 10:00am-7:00pm
Saturday 7:00am-2:00pm



 Reckless Beauty® , LLC. All Rights Reserved 

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